Fine Art Prints

You may purchase top-quality prints of any of the images you find on this site.  Simply click on the "buy" button associated with each image to select from the sizes available.  When purchasing a print, you can expect meticulous attention to details such as color accuracy and sharpness.  My images have been color-calibrated so that the image appearance on screen translates to the print.  

Color images are printed on E-Surface Photo Paper with a matte finish.  As a professional paper, it boasts rich, sharp color that won't fade or yellow, creating beautiful prints that will last for years to come.  Black and white images are printed on True Black & White Photo Paper with a matte finish that offers rich black, continuous-tone prints, avoiding any tints of color, for a lifetime (Note: 24x36 size images are only available on E-Surface Photo Paper).  All images come with an option for Lustre Coating at an additional cost that adds a rich sheen to your prints and protects against fingerprints and UV exposure.

All prints come with a 30-day money back guarantee.  If in the unlikely event that you are not happy with the image quality or product, please feel free to return it for a full refund.  Please feel free to contact me directly with any issues.    

A few words about sizes...
I will only print images at sizes that meet my high expectations for quality and detail throughout.  All images were photographed at a native digital resolution of 4288x2848 pixels.  Therefore, each available print size is a comparable aspect ratio to those inherent dimensions.  Each image was composed and shot with those dimensions in mind, and intended to be displayed as such.  So, certain print dimensions you may be accustomed to may not be available for purchase.  For example, by cropping one of my images to an aspect ratio similar to that of an 8x10, it would essentially eliminate 18% of the intended image.

8x10 images came about, in part, from the old 4x5 film cameras (essentially doubling the image in size) and don't co-exist well with the 21st century digital cameras.  It is my opinion that the 8x10 still exists solely out of convenience and recognizability and lacks the ability to properly display my digital images as they were intended to be seen.

Custom Sizes
Custom sizes are available for special orders, provided that they meet the same aspect ratio as the original image.  Please contact me directly for information regarding custom orders.

The watermark at the bottom of the images on this site DOES NOT appear in the print.